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You Can Get Rid of

Abdominal Obesity

If only you could lose the fat that pokes out of your pants...

Abdominal obesity is body fat that is intensively accumulated around the waist and the abdomen area while arms and legs are thin. 


What Causes

Abdominal Obesity?

Irregular meals, drinking, smoking and insufficient exercise are main causes of abdominal obesity.

Abdominal obesity can directly and indirectly cause lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy, and heart disease. It is even more dangerous than general obesity.

How do you know if someone has

Abdominal Obesity?

According to obesity clinic professionals, men with waist more than 90cm(35 inches) and women with 80cm (31 inches) are judged to have abdominal obesity.


What are the main types of abdominal obesity?

“Visceral fat” and “hypodermic fat” are two main styles of abdominal obesity. Men tend to have fat accumulated in the viscera. Women are likely to have hypodermic fat accumulated around the hips, resulting in a figure like the Western pear.

Experts say the risk of cardiovascular disease is greater with visceral fat rather than hyperdermic fat. There are several living rules to follow to prevent abdominal obesity.

It is important to always slowly eat the same amount of food around the same time. Binge eating and overeating are the key causes to a fat abdomen.

What can we do for Abdomenal Obesity?

Among many exercises to address such physical problems, HealthHoop can be regarded as most effective. If you train yourself with HealthHoop for 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday, you would soon have a more balanced, toned, and attractive body without any abdominal obesity. Moving all parts of your body while dancing during your workout exercise will be most effective in making your ideal body figure.

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